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Linear Algebra and Applications

Undergraduate course, UCLA, Department of Mathematics, 2019

Introduction to linear algebra: systems of linear equations, matrix algebra, linear independence, subspaces, bases and dimension, orthogonality, least-squares methods, determinants, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, matrix diagonalization, and symmetric matrices.


Undergraduate / Graduate courses, UCLA, Department of Mathematics, 2019

Courses I have TA-ed:

  • Math 115 A (up. div. Linear Algebra)
  • Math 151 B (up. div. Numerical Methods)
  • Math 269 A (grad. level Numerical Methods in Solving Ordinary Differential Equations)
  • PIC 10 A (Intro. to C++ Programming)
  • PIC 10 C (Advanced C++ Programming)


Undergraduate / Graduate courses, , 2019

I can tutor many upper division Math classes and most lower division ones. I have a strong background in Linear Algebra and Numiercal Methods (see my teaching experiences) and would prefer to only tutor these classes. I have a car but would prefer meeting the students on campus or through Skype. Please contact me through email (evast [at]